All you need near the apartment

Chips for your cellphone

You can buy prepaid chips for your cellphone

Main cellphone companies are Movistar, Entel and WOM

Offices in downtown near the apartments:

  • Movistar.    Huerfanos 623
  • Entel.    Huerfanos 718, store #5
  • WOM.   Estado 381

Currency Exchange

The most famous currency exchange office is AFEX. The closest office is located at Catedral 1063
This is on the side of the Cathedral next to Plaza de Armas.
AFEX has offices across Santiago.
In this link you can see the current exchange rate for US$1.-

Almost every place accepts debit or credit card. Cards are widely used in Chile.
Chilean currency is called “pesos”.

Supermarket & Grocery Store
1) Esmeralda apartment: Just one block down Esmeralda Street you can find a “Santa Isabel” supermarket.
Here there are almost anything you must possible need.
Address: Esmeralda 857.  There is another entrance by Ismael Valdés Vergara 838.
Open 7 days a week from 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM.

2) Mosqueto & Villavicencio apartments: Just half block away from Santa Lucía hill  you can find a “Lider Express” supermarket.
This is a large store where you can find anything.
Address: Merced 560.
Open 7 days a week from 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM.

If you want gourmet or international food you should go further to Jumbo at Costanera Center Shopping Mall 

1.- Bellas Artes: Monjitas 507
2.- Tarroca Lavaseco: Mac-Iver 490
3.- Bilbao Express Lavaseco: Merced 712 (not self service)

Bip Card
This card is the official way to enter use city transportation. You can use it in the Metro (Subway) and Buses
If you are 2 person, don’t worry, you can use just one card for all.
The transactions will be charged in the same card.
You can add more money to the card at any Metro Station cashier and in some selected shops around the city.

Prepaid cell phone
You can add more minutes/money to your complimentary prepaid cellphone at any pharmacy or supermarket cashier.
Just give the company name “Entel” and the number located in the back of the phone and add the money you like.
The minimum to charge is $2.500.- (Aprox. US$4)

Rent a Car
Chilean Rent a Car is a company that has a great location at Bellavista neighborhood.
The good news is its prices includes insurances and tolls.
Address: Bellavista 0183. Providencia
Subway station: Baquedano (red line #1)

Good coffees are near Bellas Artes Metro Station (You can walk  by Esmeralda Street towards Bellas Artes)
– Cocteau Cafe. Miraflores 622 (in the corner with Santo Domingo St.)
– Cafe Mosqueto. Mosqueto 440, (almost in the corner with Monjitas St.)
– Cafe Colonia. Enrique Mac Iver 161  (This is a classic in town, old german style)
– Cafe del Opera. Merced 391.
Also if you walk by Jose Miguel de la Barra St. (from Monjitas St. to Merced St.) you will find a couple of coffees.

Getting to the airport
There are several ways to go to the airport:
1.- Airport official Taxi:  Website:    Reservations phone: +562 2601-9880   +562 2667-1308
2.- Transfer:   Reservations phone: +562 2913-8800    Reservations email:
3.- Subway & Bus: Go to “Pajaritos” station in the red line (#1 line, direction to San Pablo) and then go out. In the Bus Station you can choose from two bus companies: Centropuerto or TurBus, both goes directly to the airport.
4.- Subway & Bus: Go to “Universidad de Santiago” (red line, #1) subway station which is connected to Alameda Bus Terminal. Tur Bus departs every 20 minutes to the airport from platforms #22 or #23
5.- Bus from downtown: Go to “Los Heroes” (red line, #1) subway station and go out to the street. In the central square of the Alameda Bernardo O’Higgins and Manuel Rodriguez you can find Centropuerto Buses. They depart during the day every 10-15 minutes starting at 5:55 AM until 10:30 PM.


Quick map around Villavicencio studio

The Villavicencio st. studio is in the heart of Lastarria neighborhood.

There are many places and services where you can find all you could possible need to have a great time at downtown Santiago.

You can find at short distance:

  1. Supermarket Lider Express: 3 blocks
  2. Universidad Católica Subway station (Metro, red line): 2 blocks
  3. Seafood Central Market: 15 blocks
  4. Plaza de Armas Subway Station (Metro, green line): 8 blocks
  5. Plaza de Armas: 8 blocks
  6. Bellas Artes Subway station: 3 blocks
  7. Bellas Artes Museum: 3 blocks
  8. La Piojera (typical bar): 16 blocks
  9. Cal y Canto Subway Station (Metro yellow line): 16 blocks
  10. Vega Chica (farmer market): 10 blocks (across the river)
  11. AFEX. Currency Exchange (at Plaza de Armas): 8 blocks
  12. Lastarria neighborhood (restaurants and nightlife): Around the corner

Quick map around Mosqueto studio

The Mosqueto street studio is in the heart of Bellas Artes near all you could need to have a great time at downtown Santiago.

You can find at short distance:

  1. Supermarket Lider Express: 1 block
  2. Seafood Central Market: 6 blocks
  3. Plaza de Armas Subway Station: 4 blocks
  4. Plaza de Armas: 4 blocks
  5. Bellas Artes Subway Station: next to the door
  6. Bellas Artes Museum: 1 blocks
  7. La Piojera (typical bar): 8 blocks
  8. Cal y Canto Subway Station: 8 blocks
  9. Estacion Mapocho Cultural Center: 8 blocks
  10. Vega Chica (farmer market): 6 blocks (across the river)
  11. AFEX. Currency Exchange: 5 blocks
  12. Lastarria neighborhood (restaurants and nightlife): 3 blocks

Quick map around Esmeralda studio

The Esmeralda street studio is very well located near all you could need to have a great time at downtown Santiago.

You can find at short distance:

  1. Supermarket Santa Isabel: 1 block
  2. Seafood Central Market: 2 blocks
  3. Plaza de Armas Subway Station: 2,5 blocks
  4. Plaza de Armas: 3 blocks
  5. Bellas Artes Subway Station: 5 blocks
  6. Bellas Artes Museum: 4 blocks
  7. La Piojera (typical bar): 6 blocks
  8. Cal y Canto Subway Station: 6 blocks
  9. Estacion Mapocho Cultural Center: 6 blocks
  10. Vega Chica (farmer market): 3 blocks (across the river)
  11. AFEX. Currency Exchange. 4 blocks



Highlighted Neighborhoods

Bellas Artes

In this area is located the local Museum of classic art (Museo de Bellas Artes) and the Modern art museum (Museo de Arte Contemporaneo – MAC).

Also you can walk at the park Parque Forestal and enjoy several cafes, restaurants, and small but enchanting places to eat, drink and enjoy nightlife.

Subway station: Bellas Artes (green line #5).

Our recommendations for eating:



Here you can visit a small modern art museum called MAVI (José Victorino Lastarria 307) or visit the biggest cultural center in Santiago called GAM (Av Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 227) in honor to our local Nobel Prize Gabriela Mistral.

Also you can watch a french movie in the art cinema El Biografo (José Victorino Lastarria 307) or enjoy a delicious ice cream at Emporio La Rosa (José Victorino Lastarria 71).

Our recommendations for eating:

  • Bocanariz (international food). José Victorino Lastarria 276.
  • Chipe Libre (drink Pisco). José Victorino Lastarria 282.
  • Nolita (italian food). José Victorino Lastarria 70, Local 8.

Subway station: Universidad Católica (red line #1)


Plaza de Armas

This is the heart of the city. You must see the Cathedral, Post Office, Historic Museum.

Just one block from the Plaza you can find the beautiful  “Museo de Arte Precolombino” (Bandera 361) with ancient works from native south americans.

In front of the museum you will find the Justice Palace and the building of the old Congress.

Near Plaza de Armas you can find an AFEX office for money exchange (Catedral 1063).

Subway station: Plaza de Armas (green line #5)



This area is a vibrant and multicultural place. You will find clothing from asia and middle east.

Here you can find communities from Korea, Palestine, Peru and new waves of immigrants.

The main streets you must walk are Patronato and Manzano

Our recommendations for eating:

Subway station: Patronato (yellow line #2)


La Vega

This is the biggest farmer market in the city that has become a blend of culture, people and food.

Here you must walk and buy fresh fruit, vegetables or taste the traditional local drink “mote con huesillos“.

Subway station: Patronato (yellow line #2)



Incredible street art and area. There are lots of choice in restaurants, shopping.

The center of this area is Patio Bellavista, where you can eat, drink and have entertainment during the whole day.

If you have time go to the top of Cerro San Cristobal  by the funicular.

Also there is the House-Museum of Pablo Neruda (“La Chascona“) Chilean poet and Nobel Prize.

This is the art district where you will find more than 20 theaters.

Subway station: Baquedano (green and red line #5 and #1)


Bio Bio

The biggest flea and antiques market.  You will find everything you could want.. And more!!!

This is a fantastic market for all things vintage. Walking upon rows upon rows of second hand goods you can discover fantastic furniture, homewares, books, jewelry, lighting, old magazines, vinyl records, old game consoles, etc, etc, etc.

Open just Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Our recommendations for eating:

Subway station: Franklin (yellow line #2)


Los Dominicos

Here you must visit the “Pueblito Artesanal“. This is a great place to buy artisanal works and souvenirs. Los Domenicos is a sort of crafts village where dozens of artisans make and sell a wide range of handicrafts. You’ll find gifts there, such as jewelry, baby alpaca caps and even sheepskin slippers.

If you have time, it’s worth the trip to end of the metro line to check out this market and also the lovely church next to it.

Subway station: Los Dominicos (red line #1)


Manuel Montt

In this area we commend the great shows  you can see live at Nescafe de las Artes Theatre.

Nightlife is vibrant in this area.

Our recommendations for eating:

Subway station: Manuel Montt (red line #1)